We are drifters and this is our journey

Your ultimate guide to vanlife, outdoor adventure and travel.  We love to see new places and experience new things.  Some of our favorite adventures include hot springs, mountain biking and street food!

We’re not sure if it’s a blessing or a curse, but we’re acutely aware of how short life is.  It propels us to follow our dreams of outdoor adventure and travel the world.  We sold our house in May 2018 and moved into our van.  We travel full-time, documenting our experience along the way with the hope that it inspires you to find your own adventure.

Stanely Idaho, outdoor adventure

Do you dream of vanlife, outdoor adventure, traveling more, or simply more freedom to do what you want?  We did too!  So we made a plan and took drastic steps to change our lives in order to be happy. 

Was it easy? No. 

It felt incredibly risky selling our beautiful custom home in Colorado.  It was super stressful to leave successful careers at a great company.  We worried about the fact that our families were skeptical of our plan.  And most days, we worried that we were making the biggest mistake of our life in order to follow a whimsical dream with no guarantees.  

But the wanderlust was too strong and our dream of travel and outdoor adventure kept us motivated.  We stayed positive throughout the process and we are so grateful for the life we have now.

We hope that our story will inspire you to follow your dreams, whatever they may be.  Whether it’s starting a new career path or building out a van of your own, we are here to be a resource of information an inspiration for you!

We are Drifters and this is our Journey