Vanlife Fitness | Resistance Band WORKOUT

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Vanlife Fitness: Resistance Band Workout

As with any training program, it’s important to incorporate strength training and since we live in a van, we utilize a Resistance Band Workout.

Our 4-week no gym training program includes several different cardio workouts as well, including a 100 Burpee + HIIT Routine and a Kickboxing HIIT Routine.

While most of our training doesn’t require any equipment, we need resistance bands for this one.  Thankfully, they take up very little space in the van.  However, if you do not have any, you can do a lot of this program with body weight only.  You may need to perform extra reps in order to get a good workout.

This workout should take approximately an hour.  Movements can be modified with less range of motion for an easier workout.  In addition, eliminate exercises if you are short on time and cannot do the full 1 hour workout.  

Resistance band workouts are the hardest when you TAKE YOUR TIME.  Do not try to rush through these movements.  The work happens as you move slowly through the motion, letting your body push and pull against the resistance bands.  If you get through this workout super fast, you need to slow down and/or use a harder band next time!

We are not trained fitness professionals.  I created these workouts for personal use and they are tailored to my fitness and ability level.  Please use at your own risk.

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