Vanlife Workout | Kickboxing HIIT

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KICKBOXING HIIT  – the perfect workout for Vanlife

We’ve lived in a van for a long time.  When people ask what I miss the most about living in a house, it’s not what you would guess.  Sure, it would be nice to shower more often and have more personal space, but the thing I miss is actually less obvious.

I used to go to my gym religiously.  My favorite class was the kickboxing class on Mondays and Fridays and I went as regularly as I could.  But since we moved into the van and travel full time, I no longer have that option.

So I have built my own workouts to accommodate my need for exercise and physical fitness.  My 4-week no gym training program includes this Kickboxing HIIT routine.  It’s a great way to get in some cardio training, without always having to go for a run!  In addition to this Kickboxing HIIT routine, you can check out the Burpee and HIIT workout that I use for additional cardio training!  Also, check out my Resistance Band Workout for Strength and Conditioning.

This workout takes approximately 1 hour, but you can modify it to your fitness level and time constraints by shortening the intervals or eliminating rounds.

You will need an interval timer for this workout.  The Gym Boss timers are my favorite, and you can order one on Amazon here.  Otherwise, you can download the Gym Boss app for free to your phone!

If you’ve never done kickboxing before, you may want to brush up on some standard terms and moves before you attempt this workout.

We are not trained fitness professionals and have created this workout for our own abilities and fitness level.  Please use this workout at your own risk.