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3 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

If you’re like us, you question whether or not Travel Insurance is worth it.  It seems expensive and you don’t think you’ll end up in a situation where you will need it.  We’ve done some research and realized that part of the reason we felt it was an extraneous cost was because we didn’t realize how much value travel insurance offered.  Read below for 3 reasons you need travel insurance.

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Not to state the obvious, but accidents happen.  The best approach is to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  We’ve never been injured while traveling, but we witnessed several instances of injury to other tourists that taught us to expect the unexpected.

Emergency Care

In Bali, it is standard practice to rent scooters for transportation.  Although most drivers are incredibly safe and everyone wears helmets, including us, accidents happen.  We met one tourist who had crashed his scooter twice over a matter of his multi-week stay in Bali. One of those accidents caused facial cuts and broken teeth, but he didn’t have travel insurance to cover the cost of care.  He had to cut his trip short because he had to pay out-of-pocket and the doctor’s bills consumed the rest of his traveling money.

During the same trip in Bali, we saw a middle-aged man collapse in the street.  The fall was most likely due to heat or dehydration, but he was unconscious and his head was bleeding.  Amidst the chaos of Balinese locals trying to load him into a car for transport to the hospital, his wife was in a panic and almost didn’t make it into the car before it left.

Witnessing these unfortunate circumstances led us to start researching travel insurance and the nearest hospitals.  World Nomad Travel insurance has a large, multi-lingual team that can help connect you with the transportation, care and coverage you need.  Nothing is scarier than being injured in a country where you don’t speak the language and don’t know how to receive care.

Reason 2:  Traveling Worry Free With Trip Protection

We are much more careful travelers when we know we don’t have good health insurance.  Obviously, we always try to avoid injury, but we definitely take less risks when we don’t have coverage.  The costs of healthcare are a serious burden. Especially when we are living such a minimalist lifestyle and are trying to make our dollar stretch as far as possible.  Every dollar spent on extraneous costs equals time working instead of traveling.  And with a tight travel budget, we watch every penny!

Travel Insurance ensures that you can travel worry free.  The coverage and customer service is unparalleled. Also, it is so important when traveling to be able to do what you want without being held back by thoughts of “what if?”  Travel Insurance covers a wide range of activities so that you can pursue your outdoor adventure bucket list without worry. You shouldn’t have any reservations and should be able to travel comfortably knowing that if anything does happen to you, your possessions, or your travel plans, it will be covered.

From renting a scooter and scuba diving in Bali to hiking in the jungle of Costa Rica, we can travel without the stress of healthcare costs in the event that something unfortunate happens thanks to Travel Insurance.

In addition to medical coverage, you can travel easier knowing that your travel plans are covered with trip protection.  You never know when your flight will get cancelled due to a natural disaster, bad weather, or other random event. With Trip Protection, your travel costs are covered.  If you or your family get sick and can’t make the trip, or are even called to active service in the military, World Nomad Travel Insurance has your back.

travel insurance

Reason 3: Customer Service & Support

Corporate integrity and customer service are really important to us.  When we purchase our travel insurance policy, it’s important for us to know that we will be getting the service that we paid for.

World Nomad Insurance has outstanding customer service.  Their support team can answer any questions about travel, their policies, and what they cover at any time, day or night.  At the same time, they will provide you with the highest level of claim support and management when you need it.  

Despite this exceptional care, travel insurance through World Nomad is the best value online today.  World Nomad provides competitive and comprehensive insurance for over 130 countries.  They are a leader of integrity in the travel insurance industry, worldwide.

Policies at World Nomad Insurance are very flexible.  They are written by the best insurers available.  You can select a completely custom policy, specific to your trip and the activities you’ll be doing. Therefore, this ensures that you don’t pay extra costs for coverage you don’t need.  You can buy, change, and update your policy at any time. Even while you’re in the middle of a trip.  

Summary:  3 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

We’ve traveled a bit, but still have loads of places we want to see.  From food poisoning to dog bites, even common injuries can lead to a hospital visit.  Like when I got stung by a jellyfish on the lip in Thailand!  I didn’t need to see a doctor, but I was really worried at first!  In foreign countries, the costs of healthcare can be astronomical and the process can be confusing.  These points are just a few of the many reasons why you should invest in travel insurance for your next trip.