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MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier Review | Taking Your Adventure Further Off-Road

The downside of driving a vehicle like our van is that it can’t access all of the places that we want to go.  Vans with more off-road capability are available, but are much more expensive.  We chose the Dodge Ram Promaster Cargo Van because of it’s exceptionally reasonable price point and we felt it could take us (mostly) anywhere! 

Vanlife With a Motorcycle

While we do spend a significant amount of time in the woods, most of the areas we camp are very accessible.  We don’t feel like we’ve missed out on anything by not having a 4×4 rig.  That is, in large part, thanks to the Yamaha TW200 dual sport bike.  We carry it around with us as we travel. Not only is it just plain fun to ride, but it allows us to access areas that the van isn’t capable of getting to. 

For example, on our way to a remote hot spring in Nevada, the two track road suddenly became very rough. There were ruts the size of a Mini Cooper and we assumed that it would only get worse. Rather than pushing the van past it’s limits, we decided to park the van in a good campsite for the night.  Then we took the TW200 off of the back for a ride.  It’s a good thing we did too.  When we got closer to the hot spring, there was a river crossing as well! Not an issue for the TW200, but definitely a HUGE problem for the van!

Transporting a Motorcycle

Transporting a motorcycle like the Yamaha TW200 can be difficult because it has a longer wheelbase and large tires.  We did a lot of research on motorcycle carriers before we bought the MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier. Technically the MTX rack is for sport bikes, but that’s what we had to buy in order to accommodate the large tires on the TW200.  If you use our Partner Program link that we provide throughout this post, you will receive a 10% discount on your MotoTote purchase

Whatever your reason for carrying a motorcycle is, you won’t be disappointed with the MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier.   

If you purchase through our MotoTote Partner Program Link – you will receive a discount!   Use Code DRIFTERJOURNEY

Be sure to enter your email at the checkout page to see the discounted price.

MOTOTOTE MTX Motorcycle Carrier Review

Price: $599.99

Weight Capacity: 600 pounds

Wheelbase: up to 65 inches or 1650mm

Rear Tire Max Width:  8.5 inches or 22mm

Front Tire Max Width:  5 inches or 125mm

Features: Loading Ramp, Zero-Wobble Hitch Mount, Modular Design, Powder-Coated, Attach Points for Tie-Downs


Loading Ramp

All Mototote products come with everything you need to load and haul your motorcycle except for tie-downs!  This ramp is just as heavy-duty as the rack itself.  It also stores easily on the rack for easy storage. It is large enough to handle the TW200 tires and has larger piping on the side rails to help guide the tires up the ramp.

Zero-Wobble Hitch Mount

We’ve all driven behind someone who has a really wobbly rack mounted to their hitch.  It’s unnerving.  You change lanes and hope their rack doesn’t fall apart before you can move. That won’t happen with the MotoTote carrier.  The mounting bracket they provide is bomb-proof and we are impressed with its solid construction.

Modular Design

When you put the rack together, you have the ability to choose which way you want the motorcycle to face.  This is a critical feature for us because we paired the carrier with a swing arm. The swing arm brings the bike close to the passenger side of the van.  We need to have the back tire of the TW200 on the passenger side for clearance reasons.  In addition, the modularity of the rack allows you to customize how far the rack sticks out from your vehicle (in case you have wide handlebars).  You can also customize the length of the rack to your motorcycle’s wheelbase.


The construction of this motorcycle carrier is solid.  The welds are very well-done and it’s obvious that quality is an important factor to MotoTote.  On top of that, the powder-coating looks nice and will keep rust down.

Attach Points for Tie-Downs

The MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier has great attach points that are welded on with the same precision and care as the rest of the rack.  The attach points are large enough to accommodate large tie-down hooks, giving us the ability to use burly straps and hooks. This is important to us, since we take our TW200 everywhere.  We like to know it is held down safely and securely.



The MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier is one of the more expensive motorcycle carriers on the market.  We struggled with the price tag a bit at first, and it prompted us to do more research on competing products. When we want to find a good deal, we search the internet FAR and WIDE.  After all of our intensive research, we purchased the MotoTote carrier because we’re convinced it’s the best and highest quality rack that fits the dimensions and weight requirements that we needed.

Distance From Van

We do wish there was a way to bring the rack a little closer to the van.  Due to the fact that we added the RackAttach Swing Arm, the TW200 sticks out pretty far.  The TW200 wobbles when we hit bumps.  Without modifying the MotoTote by cutting down the bar that goes into the receiver, it is in as far as it will go.  But, without the RackAttach, the MotoTote Hitch Carrier is very solid.



Overall, we are incredibly happy with the MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier and we recommend it to everyone who asks how we carry the TW200 around.  There are so many benefits to having the TW200 with us that we wouldn’t ever consider not bringing it along.  

Another great reason to have a motorcycle on the back of the van is that it’s a great “grocery-getter.”  We can find a campsite and get the van all set up.  Then we can leave everything in “lounge mode” for a week because we have the TW200 to ride.  We take it to town for groceries, go to a trail head for hiking, or check out some natural hot springs up a forest road.  

Whatever your reason for carrying a motorcycle is, you won’t be disappointed with the MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier.   If you purchase through our MotoTote Partner Program Link – you will receive a discount on your whole order!   Be sure to enter your email at the checkout page to see the discounted price

10 Comments on “MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier Review | Vanlife with a TW200”

  1. Wow, that makes me want to go back on my motorbike again. I miss that thing. Anyway, great post, and I have considered traveling on a motorcycle for significant distances like across Australia. I haven’t thought about putting it on the back of a van. What a great device, though, and the fact that you can leave it all attached when you open the doors is excellent. I wrote that same bike around Sri Lanka, and they are a lot of fun. Especially on the beaches :) I think it is worth spending a bit of money on the carrier just for piece of mind and all… I lost a trailer with my motorbike on it on the freeway once. Wouldn’t want that to happen to anyone :) Happy travels!

    • Thanks for reading along, Hendrik! You sound like you’ve had an adventure or two! Sri Lanka on a motorbike would be an epic trip, what an amazing opportunity.
      We do love bringing our motorbike along with us. It is a total game changer!
      Happy travels to you as well!
      Jess & Greg

  2. Great review of the mototote mtx motorcycle carrier. It looks like it’s made of good quality. I really like the loading ramp and the fact that it comes with everything except the tie downs.

    • Thanks Karen, I am so glad that it was a helpful and informational review for you. It is a really nice unit and we are super happy with it.

      Jess & Greg

  3. I loved your article. The whole story with the travel, can, using the motorcycle, camping made me feel like I was there.

    I envy your traveling lifestyle and especially using the motorcycle for convenience and in remote areas. What a convenient way to carry the motorcycle too.

    • Thank you for reading Brian, it is so nice to hear that you enjoyed our review! We certainly feel very grateful to live this way and love the freedom that the motorcycle gives us. The MotoTote makes it so easy to bring along that we wouldn’t have it any other way!

      Jess & Greg

  4. Excellent article about van life and the motorcycle tote review. I can definitely see the appeal of having a motorcycle tote on the back of a van or small RV. It would be nice to park the van or RV at a campsite and go exploring on a motorcycle with some off road capability. The price point did not seem outrageous to me at all. In fact, I thought it would be higher. Definitely something to consider for anyone that travels a lot with their vans. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Tom – that is great to hear that our review of the MotoTote MTX Motorcycle Carrier was helpful for you. We love being able to set up camp and then just take the motorcycle out to explore! I suppose cost is all relative, so I am glad to hear that you didn’t think it’s too expensive. We certainly feel that the quality of the rack is worth every penny!

      Jess & Greg

  5. From the description it sounds like a good sturdy device that will help with traveling around with a heavy duty back on the back of the van.Also another good reason to have the back on the back of the truck or van will be good back up vehicle in case of emergencies.

    • Thanks for reading along Erick! Yes, you are right about that. It would be a great backup plan in case the van gets stuck! We have been stuck before we had the motorcycle and had to wait for someone to come along with a truck and pull us out. Hopefully never again!

      Jess & Greg

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