Best Gas Mask for Preppers, Civilians & Military

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The best gas mask for all needs: Mira Safety Cm-7M Military gas mask

Why is Mira Safety the Best Gas Mask?

The Mira Safety CM-7M is the best gas mask for anyone who wants to ensure their safety. Most importantly, it is made with a professional level of quality for Military use, Search and Rescue and Police forces. Uses include, but are not limited to: nuclear attack, wildfire smoke, protests, and other situations where the user needs to ensure proper breathing.

Civilians can protect themselves from any future uncertainty will appreciate the high-quality features on this mask. Shop additional features on the Mira Safety website here.

Mira Safety CM-7M Best Gas Mask Features

  • Maximum field of view through dual recessed visor
  • Integrated drinking system with Mira Canteen or Camelbak hydration systems
  • Clear communication due to the built-in speech diaphragm
  • Comfortable fit against rifles and other long guns with tapered design
  • Comfortable fit and maximum adjustment with 5-point head harness
  • Include 2 filter ports, allowing user to fit filter on their preferred side and enabling rifle use
  • Low profile cut allows for use with helmets or ear protection
best gas mask

Sizing & Fit

The Medium size fits most people as shown in the photo above. For example, Greg and I both fit into the Medium comfortably. In my opinion, this reason alone makes this one of the best gas masks to have in your prepper storage unit. Because, those prepping for a group can stock several masks, and not necessarily need specific sizes for each person in your family. Greg and I are impressed with the fit, given that Greg’s head is much larger than mine.

best gas mask

The Ultimate Defense

The CM-7M is considered the best gas mask for human safety due to it’s CBRN defense: Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defense system. This is a full face, military grade level mask and respirator that provides a comprehensive protection against CBRN agents and gases, vapors and aerosols that are byproducts of toxic industrial practices.

Furthermore, read additional features and product specifications on the Mira Safety Website here. Keep your family safe during these uncertain times.