Ram Promaster LED Headlight Upgrade

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Open Glass Van Mods ram Promaster LEd headlight upgrade kit

The Ram Promaster LED Headlight Upgrade: Open Glass Van Mods Install and Review is super easy! It took us about an hour to complete the entire process and we are super stoked to have this upgrade on our van!

Ram Promaster Stock Headlights are terrible!

If you have a Ram Promaster, you know that the stock headlights are terrible for seeing while driving at night. Although this has been a problem for the many years we have been living and traveling in our van, we try not to drive at night. This avoids the inconvenience and safety hazard of the dim headlights. We’ve wanted an LED headlight upgrade for some time now. Unfortunately, none of the after market solutions worked with the light bulb housing that comes in a Ram Promaster – until now. In the past, our stock bulbs were so dim that lights from other vehicles would make it so that we could see our own shadow! We have a NiLight Light Bar to help with that, but for obvious reasons, we cannot use it while driving with other vehicles around.

Ram Promaster LED Headlight Upgrade Kit

Open Glass Van Mods created adapters for the low and high beam light bulbs so that van owners can now replace the ram Promaster headlights with an LED upgrade! The kit comes with either ceramic adapters or stainless steel adapters. The stainless steel parts are more durable, but also more expensive. We received the ceramic adapter kit at no cost in order to do a test install and review. Before you get too far into our research, watch our Ram Promaster LED Headlight Upgrade video on our YouTube channel here. One of the best things about the Open Glass Van Mods kit is that it literally comes with all of the tools you need to do the job!

promaster LED headlight upgrade

After removing the headlight housing from the van, you simply unplug the wiring harness from the back. Set the unit upside down on a padded surface so that you can access the light bulbs. 

There are very detailed instructions on the product page for the Promaster LED headlight upgrade kit. Or, you can watch our video to walk you through the install. One note of caution: it will be more difficult for those of you with large hands!

LED headlight kit installation& Review

Overall, it took us about an hour to replace both low beam and high beam stock bulbs with the Ram Promaster LED Headlight Upgrade kit. A few things to note:

  • The ceramic adapters can be a bit fickle and fragile. We did chip one slightly, but it still held in place. We are hoping it will hold up over time!
  • Do not overtighted the screws that hold the adapters into the headlight housing. This housing is plastic and can get stripped out very easily!

The new LED headlight are SO much better than the stock headlights. We double-checked the height (about 44 inches off of the ground from 30 feet away), and are really excited to try them out on our next trip to Baja. We may not even need to light bar this time!