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2023 Chevy Colorado Check Engine Light

Within 500 miles of purchasing our brand new 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2, the Check Engine Light came on. We didn’t have a code reader at the time (we share the one we purchased at the end), and utilized the free trial of OnStar to diagnose the issue. If you want to watch a video of the call, check it out below:

Chevy Colorado Check Engine Light

The Chevy Colorado Check Engine Light can be difficult to diagnose, since it can be tied to a number if issues within the vehicle. When our Check Engine Light came on within its first 500 miles, we still had the trial OnStar membership. OnStar is a service that allows drivers to get in touch with a real person when they need help with anything related to their vehicle, including emergency assistance and system diagnostics. We’ve never had OnStar before and decided to give them a call to find out if they could troubleshoot the Check Engine Light for us.

OnStar Diagnostic

While the agent helping us troubleshoot was very nice, it was clear she was reading from a script and didn’t have expertise in vehicle mechanics. However, she was able to read the code causing the Check Engine Light to appear. It was coming from the ‘Emissions System’ and she suggested filling the gas tank with premium fuel, which may remove the Emission System code. 

Problem solving

Although we were skeptical, we did try the solution provided by the OnStar agent. Unfortunately, the Check Engine Light did not go away. After searching internet forums and asking the Chevy Colorado FaceBook community for help, we still didn’t have answers. The most common suggestion was to tighten the gas cap. However, the 2023 Chevy Colorado ZR2 doesn’t have a gas cap. Another helpful Colorado owner suggested not over-filling the gas tank, which we admit, we are prone to do.

After all of this research, our concerns of the Check Engine Light indicating a serious issue dissipated. Ultimately, we purchased the Foxwell OBD Scanner so that we could clear the code ourselves.


Since the first time the Check Engine Light came on in our Chevy Colorado, it has only appeared two more times. The second time, we used our OBD Scanner again to confirm the code was the same. Again, it was the Emissions System. The last time the Check Engine Light appeared, we left it alone and it went away on its own. All three times that the light has appeared seem random and we can’t identify a common occurrence that caused it. And since that last time, we haven’t seen it again.