World Nomads Travel Insurance

Why get travel insurance?

On our first big international trip, we didn’t have travel insurance. We witnessed several scenarios where travelers were injured and would need medical attention. The most severe was in Bali, where we saw a man fall in the street, bleeding from his head. He appeared to be unconscious and his wife, frantic, was calling for help. As we came closer, a few locals were loading him into a car, in such a rush that they almost left the woman behind in the street.

Greg got involved at this point, asking the wife if she knew where they were taking him. When she said, “No,” Greg made sure she got in the car to ride with her husband. She was in such shock that she didn’t seem to be processing the fact that the car was about to leave without her!

World nomads travel insurance

Witnessing this scenario was quite a wake-up call. We didn’t have travel insurance. We didn’t know where the nearest medical facility was, or what we would even do in the event that something happened to us. I did some research and found World Nomads Travel Insurance, a reputable and well-known company. We will definitely be better prepared on our next trip!

World Nomads travel insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers. If you leave home without travel insurance or your policy runs out, you can buy or extend while on the road.